Why we are All Positive Today


Now is everything

All Positive Today is a carefully designed brand based on positivity and love. Its main concept is the mantra: "The Time To Be Happy Is Now”.

Right now.


It means that when we keep waiting for something to happen in the future, for someone to like us, for something we must have to then be happy, our desired "happiness" will never present itself.

It is in our hands, we make the choice to be happy, to be positive, to be optimistic, to look at life with a bright and upbeat set of eyes every single moment. It is our choice and we have full responsibility on the outcome!

Is it awesome or what?

ALL POSITIVE TODAY was born with this mission: to bring you joy and positivity in the present moment. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not in a month - or maybe in a month because of shipping times 😁 , but right now.

Do you know when you look at an object and feel that inner smile inside your chest? This is what we want for you when you look around your house. We source specially curated products that will tap into your inner smile and fill your home and your heart with an upbeat spirit every single day.